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Pets Are People Too! Feed your Pet the Finest in Pet Food...


We have Totally Paw-Some Pet Foods & Treats for your Pet!

  • We carry quality, human-grade pet foods for dogs & cats (including raw diet).
  • Quality Pet Treats
  • Pet Supplies for our furry friends & we even have pet parent treats too!


Please make a note as you plan for your pets supplies!

I successfully delayed hip surgery as long as possible however the surgery has now been scheduled. Thus, PAPTOO! will be closed for a short time to accommodate this procedure & post surgery needs. We plan to reopen the shoppe on Feb 10th! Thank you for your understanding & patience during this time. 

Pets Are People Too! for The Finest Food for Your Pet....

Quality Pet Foods, Treats & Pet Supplies

Our foods and treats are all made with Human  Grade Quality ingredients.  They contain premium protein and are USDA inspected and hormone FREE. 

  • NO Rendered ingredients including animal by-products, animal fats or meat meals.  
  • NO Allergens, inexpensive fillers or proteins like wheat, corn, corn gluten or soy.
  • NO Artificial colors, flavorings or chemical preservatives.
  • At PAPTOO! you'll find the latest in quality pet foods, treats, toys & accessories including My Pet Homes.
  • We offer the area's only DIY Dog Wash!
  • Find the latest in healthy nutrition for your pet.
  • We stock only the finest in pet food and nutritional products - All are of human grade consumption.
  • We offer Raw Diet for your pet.
  • Find the latest in natural solutions for flea & pest control.

Excellent nutrition is the first step towards  better health for your pet.


Poor quality pet food can affect your pets’ bodies in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Food allergies: biting and chewing at itchy paws; dry, flaky skin; hot spots; chronic ear infections.​
  • Poor digestion: which can lead to a decrease in a food’s nutritional benefits and possible reduced life expectancy; excessive gas and/or loose stools; increase pet waste.
  • Weakened immune system which could make your pet susceptible to diseases such as diabetes, cancer, obesity, arthritis, pancreatitis, and urinary tract infections.
  • Feeding a nutritious food does not always mean spending a lot of money. In fact, natural foods aren’t much more expensive than grocery store brands. After factoring in lower feeding amounts (pets eating holistic foods typically require 20-40% less food than pets on economy brands) and fewer vet visits, a healthy diet can actually cost you less in the long run than a pet food offering fewer nutritional benefits.

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The Finest Food For Your Pet....

Human Grade Pet Food & Treats for Dogs & Cats   |    Interested in Raw Diet for your pet? 

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